July 2020

Trello for Beginners
Inaugural Edition

A Note from our Chief Experience Officer

Welcome to our very first ever Direct Creatives Insider! Thank you for taking the leap of faith with us and being a Founding Insider! Our vision for the Insider is simply to help you dedicate more time to Income Producing Activities (IPAs). How? By helping you discover new tools & systems, learn new tips and tricks for things you are already doing, and maybe, just maybe, give you the opportunity to explore your own creative potential.

July's focus is all about the Basics of Trello, however, even if you have experience with Trello, we are sure you will find some new nugget that will spark even more ideas.

Angel Skipper of DC Store Angel the Book Lady is helping us kick off this month's Insider with a video and 12-page e-book to show you the basics of starting Trello. She also has some amazing Trello boards for direct sellers (and really most of her boards work for any business owner) available in her shop, so make sure to stop by and check her out. Don't forget to scroll all the way to the bottom because some of our Store Owners are also sharing exclusive deals, just for our Insiders!

Thank you again for coming along on this journey with us and being a part of the Direct Creatives story. Your input is invaluable to us and your experience are our top priority. We are honored you chose to trust us with barely anything more than, " Hey! We have this crazy idea!" So thank you! this is all for you and we can't wait to serve you for the months and years to come.
Live Creatively,

Trello for Beginners

Angel Skipper of Angel the Book Lady shares how to get started with Trello and tips on how to use Trello for your business.
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Trello Tips for
Direct Sellers e-book

In this e-book, Angel shares even more about Trello and some of the ways to best organize your business (and life, if we are being honest).
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20 Ways to Use Trello for Your Business

Still trying to come up with how to use Trello for your business? Check out this blog post with 20 ideas. Got more? Share them with us!
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DC Stores Discounts & Deals

July's discounts have already expired. Please check the current e-box for any Store Owner Deals.