November 2020

Creating E-books in Canva

A Note from our Chief Information Officer

Thank you for choosing to invest in yourself and your business through the education and deals that can be found in our virtual subscription box. We strive to bring you quality information and training each and every month. Our expert store owners look forward to sharing their knowledge to help bring all direct sellers and small businesses up to a level of comfort on social media and the web as a whole.

This month our focus is on Canva, a web-based graphics program with both free and paid versions. We covered a similar program - PicMonkey - a couple of boxes ago, but this month we wanted to share another option. We know not everyone meshes with every platform we will be sharing over the past and coming months, so we will be doing our best to share as many options as possible so you can find exactly what you need to take your business to the next level.

Ansley has provided us with a video tutorial of the basics of Canva to help you get started playing with the platform and show you how to how simple it can be to make quality e-books and guides, quickly and easily.
Live Creatively,